Chapter 81 of the Jigokuraku manga.


Sagiri asks Gui Fa why Lord Tensen are going to such lengths. Gui Fa answers that they and the others feel nothing for humans and that they are materials for them to use. Mei objects to this statement, saying that Xu Fu's research was for the good of mankind. Gui Fa explains that time has changed since then after Lord Tensen managed to lure in the first group of humans to the island and became delighted with how valuable their Tao is. With the elixir completed by Rien, Gui Fa also says that to come to an understanding would be meaningless and all they can do is kill each other. They then look towards Shion's talisman and sees that his life is at risk as it begins to burns. In his fight with Zhu Jin, Shion manages to cut Zhu Jin's body two hundred fifteen times and notices that they are regenerating slowly, seeing as how Gabimaru's advice about attacking them repeatedly so that they expend more Tao is working. Shion becomes exhausted but continuous on attacking. Zhu Jin manages to get some distance between them and Shion so they can recover but in a weaken state, commenting on how Shion isn't normal. Shion thinks back to Tensa's death, telling them that they will never understand what it means to take lives away while those to who they stolen from will always remember.

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