Chapter 80 of the Jigokuraku manga.


After finding Gui Fa in the Rentan Temple, Mei asks them where is Rien. Gui Fa says that Rien has left and was given the task to guard the ritual circle. They then move around to avoid having Sagiri look at their face, due to their shyness noted by Mei, as she tries to ask about the items around them. Gui Fa explains that the items are meant to tell the current status of the humans fighting against the other Tensens. Sagiri then reaches for her sword, causing Gui Fa to emit their Tao towards Sagiri and have them fall down from the pressure. Gui Fa then asks that she removes her hand from her sword. Sagiri explains that she does not wish to fight and puts her sword down. She then lowers her head and apologizes on behave of the humans that came to the island for trespassing on their island and asks that her group be allowed to return home safely. Gui Fa allows Sagiri to move and says that they will allow her request to pass. However, Gui Fa warns them that even if they return home it would be pointless. Gui Fa explains through an illusion created with Tao, explaining Rien's plan to depart and release the Paradise Butterflies on to the mainland, turning every human into Waitanhua flowers and form the giant Banko to create more perfected Tan. After the illusion has ended, Sagiri becomes horrified.

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