Chapter 79 of the Jigokuraku manga.


As he explains and sets up the ritual in front of Chōbē, Rien tells him that his brother Tōma has a bad omen. Back in the present time, Chōbē, Tōma, Gantetsusai, and Fuchi fight off against the Kishikai Ju Fa and Tao Fa's vine attacks back are pushed back severely. Gantetsusai runs forward cutting away at the vines to provide an opening for Fuchi and Tōma but the Asaemon sees that the swordsman has almost reached his limit. The monster launches their spores towards Fuchi but is protected by Tōma using his body due to him being important in his brother’s plan. Chōbē notices that everyone is become exhausted but knows that they must finish the battle quickly. After entering the pool and sneaking under the monsters, Gantetsusai slashes through the body and separates Ju Fa and Tao Fa. Fuchi and Chōbē then come in to destroy their tandens, ending their Kishikai state. Tao Fa emerges from the pool weakened and is held in the arms by Fuchi who tells the Tensen that it was over for them. Ju Fa then climbs out also weakened and attacks Chōbē. Since his Tao won't be able to hinder them, Chōbē pulls out two bottles of Water Tao, that he planned to use against Gabimaru once they met again, from his stomach. He then pours the liquid on Ju Fa to stop him from regenerating while basking in his victory. Gantetsusai comes in to finish the job in defeat the Tensen which causes Chōbē to think that he was chowing mercy. Remembering Tao Fa's words from their last battle, Gantetsusai places a peach from Tao Fa's corpse next to Ju Fa, thanking her for the "fun". As he slowly dies, Ju Fa apologizes to Tao Fa for not being able to protect her. The two then embrace each other in the afterlife with Tao Fa saying that she was glad that he was her partner. The battle ends with the four exhausted. Fuchi then wonders how the others are during on their end. Going back a bit earlier in time, Sagiri and Mei encounter Gui Fa who says that they will do nothing as long as the two stay where they are at but also adds that they will attack if they were to move from their spot.

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