Chapter 78 of the Jigokuraku manga.


Chōbē finds Tōma's bickering with Gantetsusai to be annoying and steps in to block the monsters attack. After reviewing the elemental attribute cycle, and not wanting Tōma to get hurt, Chōbē decides to fight alone. Ju Fa sprouts an extra vine to attack Chōbē but is deflected by Tōma. Tōma then grabs Fuchi's hand in order to strengthen his Metal Tao and cuts Tao Fa's tanden. Gantetsusai jumps in to deliver his attack but is avoided after the monster flies up in the air. Chōbē sees Tōma complaining to Gantetsusai for his actions and remembers how he never saw this side of him in the past. He then notices that he has grown by not following in his footsteps. Chōbē points everyone's attention to the monster about to change its form. Knowing that they can't defeat the monster without destroying both tandens, Chōbē assigns himself with Gantetsusai to kill Ju Fa with strategy he has planned while partnering Tōma with Fuchi to kill Tao Fa. After Tōma asks his brother what he should do, Chōbē punches him on the head demanding that he make his own decision since he has faith in his abilities. Gantetsusai becomes reluctant to listen to his orders but is persuaded after the bandit gives good comments about his skills. Chōbē looks towards the monster and notes that they are similar in that they are willing to protect their own but says that Tōma has grown to the point where he does not need protection. He then says that he will rip them both a part so they can die together.

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