Chapter 70 of the Jigokuraku manga.


Gabimaru and Yuzuriha rush in to attack Ran's weaken body. Yuzuriha starts to feel pain coming from her wound but tries to endure it until they defeat Ran. Gabimaru sees that Ran is trying to recover his lost Tao and yells out to Yuzuriha to make the killing blow with her Tao attribute. Ran notes that she will not make the attempt since her next attack will cost her her life. Yuzuriha agrees with Ran's statement but makes the choice to attack him as planned. Ran goes on the defense by forming spikes from the ground. Gabimaru helps Yuzuriha avoid the spikes by lifting her up in the air. She then jumps down and gives the final blow to Ran's tanden. Ran then starts to crumble away and thinks about Rien. After the battle was over, Yuzuriha warns Gabimaru about the Arborification eventually taking over his body, though he knew that he had no other option if he wanted to see his wife again. He then suggests that they catch up to Sagiri and Mei but Yuzuriha tells him to leave without her after exhausting herself. Before leaving, Gabimaru thanks Yuzuriha once again for saving his life when they first encountered each other on the island. After being left alone, Yuzuriha unbuttons her dress and undo's the mucus layer of skin, revealing many scars covering her body. She then coughs up blood and thinks about her dead younger sister Saya. Knowing that her life was at risk, Yuzuriha apologizes to her deceased sister about how she was unable to stay alive for the both of them. Yuzuriha then faints with a smile on her face after thinking about Saya as her final thoughts.

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