Chapter 69 of the Jigokuraku manga.


Knowing that his Fire Tao has no effect on Ran's Water Tao, Gabimaru tells Yuzuriha that they need to rely on her Earth Tao to defeat him. He starts off by throwing a burst of fire at Ran and uses Ninpō: Fire Bridge. Ran extinguishes the flames but is pulled down by Yuzuriha's mucus string. Gabimaru attacks and dodges an attack Ran makes to his tanden. He then uses Ninpō: Fire Monk but has no effect and is thrown towards Yuzuriha. Ran becomes impressed with their display of ninjutsu and challenges them to fight him once again. The two shinobi then unleash their various ninjutsu techniques. Ran bushes them off but suddenly notices that his body started to crack. Gabimaru reveals that his earlier attack was meant to overstimulate Ran in order to make him lose his sense of judgement and timing, stalling enough time to have the Kishikai end after consuming too much Tao for half an hour. Ran's Kishikai then falls apart and gives Gabimaru and Yuzuriha an opening to attack.

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