Chapter 68 of the Jigokuraku manga.


Mei explains to Tōma how Chōbē managed to acquire regenerative powers of Plant Tao. Gabimaru overhears and has them accompany him to Mu Dan's corpse. He then retrieves one of his flower stingers and plans to receive the same powers as Chōbē by overcoming the Arborification. Mei objects to this plan due to the dangerous risks that are presented in order to acquire the same power. However, Gabimaru is aware of how Chōbē managed to accomplish this feat and is willing to take the risk. Sagiri becomes shocked after she hears the full explanation of Gabimaru's plan but knows that he is willing to do this all in the hopes of returning back to this wife. The two then finally arrive at the Rentan Temple. Gabimaru fights on recovering from Ran's attacks and notices that his attacks are starting to become slower as he consumes more Tao as he fights. Yuzuriha is unable to understand why Gabimaru would sacrifice his humanity in order to return back to someone who might not exists. Gabimaru explains that he is relying on his feelings and convinces Yuzuriha to fight alongside him.

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