Chapter 67 of the Jigokuraku manga.


Remembering their past discussion, Gabimaru comes up with the idea of giving a boost in power to Yuzuriha's Tao imbued weapons with his own to defeat Lord Tensen with the right attribute. Gabimaru sees Ran about to attack and prepares to use the same plan of redirecting his Tao. However, he and Yuzuriha are blown back by an air compressed punch and severely take damage from Ran's continuous attacks. As they run to the Rentan Temple, Sagiri and Mei hear loud noises coming from the Dō'in Temple and become worried. Mei is assured by Sagiri that Gabimaru will be alright since he has a backup plan but worries after remembering what that entails. Gabimaru takes heavy damage from Ran's attacks and tries to keep him away from Yuzuriha since she has the right attribute to defeat Ran. Despite her past warnings that will only look after herself, Yuzuriha grabs Gabimaru and tries to retreat together. However, Ran catches up to them and throws another attack. Gabimaru manages to catch it on time but is overpowered, resulting in his left shoulder being split down. He is then thrown to a pillar and slowly starts to die holding one of Mu Dan's stingers. Choosing to sacrifice his humanity in order to return to back to Yui, Gabimaru stands back up fully healed after injecting himself with Plant Tao.

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