Chapter 66 of the Jigokuraku manga.


Rien sits in the ritual circle and reviews the names of the human invaders given by Chōbē. With Zhu Jin encountering Shion and Nurugai, Rien believes that he holds the advantage since Shion's Wood Tao will have no effect against Zhu Jin's Water Tao and Nurugai not being adept in using Tao. Since both Gantetsusai and Fuchi have no experience with Tao, Rien believes that Tao Fa and Ju Fa will defeat them while Chōbē reasons with his brother Tōma to join their side. Rien then takes note of Gabimaru, believing him to be very valuable. After he finishes his review, Rien presents the completed Elixir of Life to Xu Fu and announces that once they defeat the human invaders they will be ready to depart to the mainland to create more of the elixir from the humans. Meanwhile, the Asaemon from the second landing party become exhausted from their long travel and are then shown by the ninja the remains of what was left by Tensa and Genji. Shugen becomes furious after knowing that more of his clan members are dead and decides to use the Horse Flute to summon the Mōnshin from their nest. He then commands them to transport him and his clan members to Hōrai.

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