Chapter 65 of the Jigokuraku manga.


During the groups planning stage, Gabimaru reviews the Tao current of Lord Tensen and explains how they can use it against them in battle by riding and sending it back. In the present, Gabimaru deals damage to Ran by redirecting the Tensen's Tao but is finding it hard endure Ran's attacks due to his low Tao defense. He then decides to hold off on using his second strategy. Ran becomes impressed by Gabimaru's skills with Tao and believes that he has talent. However, Gabimaru disagrees with his comment, stating that everything that has been happening was because of everyone's efforts and sacrifices for the sole purpose of defeating Lord Tensen. Sagiri frees Mei from Ran's restraints and tells Gabimaru that they will go to the Rentan Temple. Ran attempts to capture them but is stopped by Gabimaru who yells to them to proceed. After suppressing his Tao to not have Gabimaru exploit it, Yuzuriha comes in and cuts Ran in half. She then comes in to finish him off but is warned by Gabimaru to stop. Ran becomes impressed with Gabimaru and Yuzuriha's skills and decides to take them seriously by entering his Kishikai state.

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