Chapter 60 of the Jigokuraku manga.


After finish introducing Chōbē to a ritual welcoming newly born Dōshi, Tao Fa greets him but is stopped by Ju Fa. Chōbē then blocks an attack from Ju Fa after the two exchange insults, causing the bandit to become delighted after seeing how strong he has become since their first encounter. Rien orders Ju Fa to behave himself and has Chōbē follow him to his laboratory so that he can study is Tao. Chōbē notices that he is starting to get use to his new power but senses that Rien is far too strong for him and decides to stay to learn about the Tensens weaknesses before reuniting with Tōma. Once Chōbē reaches the laboratory, he becomes shocked to see the Banko, a giant Waitanhua flower meant to cultivate high quality Tan. However, since the flower is dying from consuming the humans forming it, Rien desires Chōbē's rare Tao to complete his research. Meanwhile, the Elixir Retrieval Team infiltrates Hōrai and warns the others that the area is clear to enter. Sagiri notices that the plan is moving quickly and wonders if the time came for the mission to end. Gabimaru answers yes and tells her that everyone will be escaping the island tonight.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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