Chapter 59 of the Jigokuraku manga.


Hearing Shugen's declaring his wrath to him, the Dōshi prepares to attack him with Tao. However, the fight quickly comes to an end with Shugen disembodying the Dōshi and stopping him from regenerating. He then starts to carve a part of the Dōshi's head in order for him to answer the questions he has about the island. Jikka tries to reason with Shugen in returning to the mainland with the information they gathered but is angrily told by Shugen that his desire will not happen. He then asked why he has not drawn his blade, leading Jikka to state that he can't. After Isuzu calms Shugen down, Shugen apologizes to Jikka but states that his earlier statement of eliminating everything living on the island was true and needs information from the Dōshi for this to happen. Hearing this, one of the ninja recommends that they should handle with this task since the ninja special in interrogation and torture. Meanwhile, the survivors of the vanguard party listen to Shion's plan of separating everyone into two groups where one finds an escape route and the other finds the Tan elixir. After Gantetsusai asks how will they defeat Lord Tensen, Shion repossessions everyone and creates a diagram on the ground of the Tao attributes each one of them possess, explaining that they can use their attributes to hinder each of member of Lord Tensen and defeat them. Yuzuriha believes that it is hopeless to continue due to the risks and not known who they are up against at the coast of the island. She then suggests an alternative by finding a way off the island and go into hiding instead of completing the mission. Shion understands Yuzuriha's concern and takes everyone's thoughts on the matter into consideration by giving them the option of going their own separate ways or working together in surviving. After walking into the cave, Shion senses the presence of everyone behind him deciding to move forward with his plan due to their own personal reason in surviving. Shion is then punched by Nurugai thinking that he wanted to her but is corrected by the man. Yuzuriha then reminds everyone that the pardon can only be given to one criminal, catching the attention of Gantetsusai and Gabimaru. With their situation growing more dire, Shion is relived that everyone came to the same decision and tells them that they are each other’s last chance of surviving.

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