Chapter 54 of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku.


While Sagiri, Yuzuriha, and Fuchi discuss about the Xu Fu's existence, Mei falls back exhausted and shows that her left arm has turned into a tree. She explains that her usage of Tao is causing her body to turn into a tree and needs Tao in order to heal. Yuzuriha suggest using a Tao restoration, however, Mei says that it will not work since she has little Tao circulating in her because of her broken tanden caused by Rien in her efforts to stop him. Hōko then offers his Tao for may to extract in order to fully heal. Mei is hesitant to sacrifice Hōko but insists since this was a way for him to atone for his sins, explaining that he ignored her desire of wanting to leave the island and choosing to raise her as a replacement to his deceased daughter. Mei tearfully tells Hōko that she does not believe that they are not family and truly sees him as a father. She then accepts Hōko's offer and absorbs his Tao, returning her back to her child body. She then says goodbye to her father. Meanwhile, Gabimaru finishes his training with Gantetsusai, Shion, Tōma, and Nurugai. Shion becomes impressed with Gabimaru's abilities and believes that he may have what it takes to defeat Lord Tensen. However, he wonders if he can rely on a criminal and if he can trust Tōma. Tōma gets down on his knees and begs Gantetsusai to help train him how to wield a sword so that he can gain the power to escape the island. Gantetsusai doesn't believe he can trust him. Tōma then cuts his hair to show his resolve and asks once again to help make him strong. Gantetsusai agrees with helping Tōma and tells him to follow him to another spot. Tōma braids his hair and states to himself that he needs to become strong in order to fight alongside his brother and hopes that he waits for him.

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