Chapter 50 of the Jigokuraku manga.


Mei rushes in to stop Gabimaru from using his last remaining energy to defeat Chōbē. She releases her Tao to create a massive crater and causes Gabimaru and the two siblings to fall. Gabimaru manages to get himself to safety and throws stones at Chōbē as his last attempt to attack. Chōbē pushes Tōma out of the way and tells him to wait for his return as he falls down the valley. Gantetsusai and Fuchi wonders how Mei was able to cause this to happen and turn around shock to see her fully grown. The two then wish they had an explanation for all the mysterious they had witnessed. Meanwhile inside Hōrai, Sagiri suggests that they go outside and reunite with Gabimaru and the others. However, Yuzuriha does not wish to cooperate and says that their focus should be trying to escape from the island. Sagiri sees throw her intentions and reveals her plan to return home safely with the remaining Asaemon as alibies to the shogun that the elixir does not exist. Sagiri reassures her that she plans to have everyone including her to return home. She then wonders if Gabimaru managed to arrive at the gate from the very beginning. Yuzuriha tells her that she found evidence that he was there before they came and agrees to go follow Sagiri to the gate. After seeing Hōrai clearly during the day, the group becomes captivated by its mystic setting. Hōko remembers Mu Dan's words about Lord Tensen experimenting with human life's and the humans on the island acting as test subjects. He wonders if the current humans on the island will bring a change after seeing that they managed to kill a Tensen and wonders if he will still be alive before the Arborification kills him. Once they reached the gate, the group encounter Fuchi, Gantetsusai, an unconscious Gabimaru, Mei, and Tōma. Both Sagiri and Fuchi ask what has happened to them during their time apart. Hōko sees that Mei has matured after using her power and expresses his gratitude that her allies kept her safe. He then asked if they traveled from the Sōshin nest. Gantetsusai answers that they did and killed the Sōshin. Hōko becomes shock to see that they have a Dōshi hostage and asked if they defeated him. Fuchi answers yes and that they also defeated two more. Hōko is speechless by how they managed to accomplish these feats and believes that the current travelers are beyond human.

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