Chapter 4 of the Jigokuraku manga.


While Rokurōta was being transported, the helping staff were worried if he were to awake and go on a rampage, but Eizen assured them that since the Asaemons are here they had nothing to worry. Back at the island, Kishō cuts off the head of the now dead Warped Keiun and makes his departure home but not until Sagiri warned him about the sixty men that went missing on the island. Kishō found that it was a waste of time to be worrying about others and warned her that the criminals sent have already made their move. He then tells Sagiri that the rules that the shogun gave should not be taken seriously since it might risk the chances of acquiring the Elixir of Life, which he pointed towards Gabimaru as a prime example and offered her a chance to return by cutting him down. Having heard enough, Gabimaru silenced Kishō and tells him nothing else mattered as long as he gets to see his wife. Kishō warned Gabimaru that in time the number of criminals will decrease and how the shogun plans to have Iwagakure involved. Around that time, Eizen was murdered by Rokurōta. Kishō then told Sagiri that this mission will determine the next head of the Yamada clan and makes his leave. Afterwards, Sagiri moves on towards traveling with Gabimaru but intercepts a surprise sword attack from him.

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