Chapter 49 of the Jigokuraku manga.


Chōbē unleashes a transformation and uncontrollably attacks Gabimaru. Gabimaru tries to ward him off by releasing a large burst of flames. Chōbē's consciousness begins to be consumed by the darkness and decides to kill everything in his path. After Gantetsusai wonders why Gabimaru isn't using Tao, Mei says that he is unable to use Tao and can't win against Chōbē. Gabimaru makes the decision to use up his remaining life to kill Chōbē, however, he is briefly stopped by a vision of person. He ignores this and rushes in to fight once again. Fuchi has noted that both men have lost themselves and are willing to fight to the death. After remembering Gantetsusai words earlier, Tōma realizes that Chōbē has been fighting for his sake and tries to stop him from losing himself. Chōbē continues on his rampage but realizes that he has been unknowingly hurting Tōma who tries to make him come to his senses. Gabimaru sees an opportunity to attack and prepares to use his final attack. Mei then cries out to Gabimaru to stop.

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