Chapter 47 of the Jigokuraku manga.


After witnessing his ability to heal, Gabimaru figures that Chōbē is one of the immortals the others were talking about. He quickly gets up a sends a kick towards Chōbē but is blocked. Chōbē grabs Gabimaru's leg and swings him down crash. Gabimaru focuses his mind on trying to kill Chōbē and launches a rock to distract as a projectile. Chōbē dodges but Gabimaru quickly gets behind to target his brain by kneeing him in the back of the head and blind him by scratching his left eye. However, his plan to rid him of his senses does not work as Chōbē manages to sense his presence and kick him. Gabimaru then bites out his tenden and tries to bite his vital areas. He bites his carotid but is unable to cause him damage as Chōbē wounds are instantly healed. He then crashes the ground with his foot and have Gabimaru loose his footing. Chōbē comments that Gabimaru is weak and uses his Tao strike him. Gabimaru throws a punch but is blocks by Chōbē after sensing his Tao and uppercuts Gabimaru, who responds quickly by biting out two of his fingers. Gantetsusai wonders why Gabimaru is fighting poorly compared to his last battle and asks Mei. Mei senses that his Tao is strange and that he has lost something in important that made him strong. During his fight, Chōbē calls out to Tōma to attack the others. Tōma follows his order and goes after Gantetsusai seeing that he has lost his left hand. Gantetsusai catches his sword and becomes angry because Tōma attacked him because of his handicap. He headbutts Tōma and tells him to grab his sword to get ready for their fight.

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