Chapter 45 of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku.


Gabimaru finds that he is suffering from amnesia during the middle of a mission and decides to go along with what is happening until he can determine whether Fuchi, Tamiya, and Mei are allies he can trust or enemies he needs to kill. Fuchi ends their discussion about Tao and decides that they should get some rest for tomorrow. Gabimaru sits outside and Mei comes to check with him. Gabimaru tells her that he is okay but Mei becomes frighten after seeing that Gabimaru's Tao is not fully formed. Meanwhile, Sagiri sits outside and is joined by Shion. Sagiri mourns over the deaths of her clan members and wonders what has become of Gabimaru. After hearing her concern, Shion asked if Sagiri had feelings for Gabimaru, however she stops him midway and denies his allegation. She explains that she feels sorry for Gabimaru because it would break his heart if he finds out that his motivation for surviving this mission was a lie. Shion understands what Sagiri is talking about and says that he can "overlook" this matter, causing Sagiri to laugh at his pun. The next day, Gabimaru's group travel up the valley and encounter Aza Chōbē and Aza Tōma. Chōbē smiles and automatically kicks Gabimaru. Gabimaru counter attacks by getting on top of Chōbē and snaps his neck. However, Gabimaru is warned by Mei that Chōbē has large amounts of Tao and sees that Chōbē has survive. He is then furiously thrown to the ground.

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