Chapter 44 of the Jigokuraku manga.


After waking up from his unconscious state, Gabimaru instinctually jumps to see Gantetsusai, Fuchi, and Mei. Fuchi informs him that they are in a cave halfway up the valley and are stopping for the night. Gabimaru cannot seem to remember the details of how he fell unconscious. With him awake, Fuchi begins going over what they know so far about Tao. Meanwhile, Sagiri's group enter Hōrai and settle in a building. Yuzuriha and Nurugai happily use the opportunity to change into clothes while Shion wishes to discuss what they know about Tao. He explains that they need to use Tao wisely or there will be grave consequences to their body and goes over the five elemental attributes. By using the attributes associated with Tao, Shion believes that they will be able to defeat Lord Tensen. Nurugai then reminds him that they need to also focus on acquiring the Elixir of Life. Yuzuriha states that from what Mu Dan said that the elixir Lord Tensen has is not what they are looking for. However, Sagiri tells them that according to Gabimaru, his village chief is immortal because of the elixir and proves that it exists. Yuzuriha explains the possibilities of the chief using an illusion known as genjutsu to try to fool his people into thinking he was immortal in order for them to bend to his authority. Meanwhile, Fuchi interprets Mei's words and explains to them the attributes of Tao. While listening, Gabimaru is still unable to recall anything of his past events. With this in mind, Yuzuriha also explains her theory that Gabimaru's wife might be an illusion as well in order for Gabimaru to have a purpose in surviving his missions in Iwagakure. As she starts to question her existence, Sagiri begins to feel frighten.

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