Chapter 43 of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku.


Shion prepares to strike the monsters tandens but halts his blade after not sensing any strong waves. This leaves Shion open for the monster to regenerate its stingers and attempt to attack him. Senta yells out to Shion that the monsters weakness is its ovule since its body is plant-based. Shion dodges the monsters attacks and strikes its ovule, opening multiple heads of Mu Dan. One of the heads becomes captivated by Shion being able to face death and wishes that he could tell Rien of this scene. Shion drops his blade and successfully kills Mu Dan. As a result, the surrounding area becomes covered in flowers. After finally ending the battle, Sagiri rushes to Senta who is still succumbing to his wounds. Sagiri begs Yuzuriha to apply more of her medicine. However, she refuses seeing as how Senta is close to death and decides to give the medicine to Shion. Yuzuriha comforts Senta as she tells him to let go of his duties as an executioner and think about something he desires as his last memories. During his last moments, Senta thinks about Yuzuriha next to him and dies with a smile. The group buries his body and decides to rest before continuing on their journey. Sagiri thanks Yuzuriha and Nurugai in gratitude for their help and states her resolve to have everyone on the island survive and return home safely.

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