Chapter 41 of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku.


After Nurugai helps remove Senta's blooming flowers, Sagiri asks Hōko if there was a way to save him. Unfortunately, Hōko states that it was beyond his control. Yuzuriha helps by giving him medicine to at least stop the bleeding. Sagiri looks towards Shion and wonders how he will fair against the transformed Mu Dan. Nurugai informs her that Shion is more than enough to fight the monster and that they came with a purpose of finding a certain someone. Using the knowledge he acquired from his experimentations on the Sōshin, Shion injures the monster with his Tao and avoids his attacks. However, Shion starts to sprout flowers from the scratches he was given by the monsters stingers. He quickly removes them by hacking away at his body, causing him to lose blood. Despite this set back, Shion refuses give up. Sagiri decides to help him but Nurugai stops her, stating that she is in no condition to fight. Regardless, Sagiri explains that she can't allow Shion to sacrifice himself. Nurugai is persuaded to fight alongside but Yuzuriha makes the decision to not due to not having enough energy. Hearing this, Nurugai embraces both Yuzuriha and Sagiri as a way to restore their strength in accordance to what she learned from Shion during their travels. Sagiri and Nurugai then ready themselves to step into the battlefield.

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