Chapter 36 of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku.


In an inn in the Satsuma Domain, after learning of his return from the island, the shogun's officials ask Yamada Asaemon Jikka about the events that had occurred. Jikka explains that after Aza Chōbē killed his assigned criminal, Hōrubō, on board his boat, he says that he had felt regret for not completing the mission (though this was merely a lie). He then explains the troubles he had trying to travel back to the mainland because of the currents forcing him back to the island. After cutting the story short about how he managed to escape from the island, an official begged him to explain in detail but Jikka refuses, saying that it explaining it would be troublesome and he did not want to be involved with that island again. Yamada Asaemon Shugen then interrupts and apologies for Jikka's behavior after giving a negative comment about the shogun. The official overlooks this offense and reads a message from the shogun ordering more Asaemon to travel to the island. After the meeting, Jikka complains about how the Asaemon were being treated as pawns but Shugen reprimands him for his behavior toward the officials. Hearing Jikka's disrespectful comment about his presence being a help to him in the meeting, Shugen becomes furious and tells him to change his attitude. Jikka apologies and wonders if there were any more criminals to send to the island. Shugen informs Jikka that instead of criminals, the shogun plans to hire ninja from Iwagakure and also tells him that he will also depart once again to the island, much to his annoyance. Shugen sheds a tear thinking about what has happened to Eizen, upon not hearing from him in three days, and his other colleagues. A worker then comes for Jikka asking what they should do with the giant monster head he had brought back from the island. After realizing that he had forget to explain the monsters to the officials, Jikka tells Shugen that he managed to escape by slaying the monster. Shugen then takes a closer inspection but the worker warned him that it might be alive. However, Shugen says that the monster was dead because he could not sense any waves of life force. After meeting with two shadowy figures, Shugen says that they will depart to the island.

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