Chapter 34 of the Jigokuraku manga.


Gantetsusai makes the first attack at the Butterfly Dōshi but then inhales the butterflies’ powder and becomes dizzy. He then asks for Gabimaru's assistants but is busy with fighting the Centipede Dōshi. Having trouble with fighting the two, Gabimaru expels a torrent of fire to shield them from their attacks. Gabimaru realizes that he won't stand a chance unless he finds a way to sense Tao. After interpreting Mei words, Fuchi yells out to Gabimaru that he is using too much of his strength and unless he accepts his weakness, he won't learn Tao. He then explains that Mei has helped him sense his own Tao by touching his hand. Gabimaru does the same but states to himself that he can only feel his Tao. Fuchi tells Gabimaru that perception of Tao can only be done once he accepts his weakness. After hearing Mei state that weakness gives birth to strength, Gabimaru is reminded of Sagiri's words and awakens his Tao. Gabimaru steps forward towards the fire while Mei senses his Tao and states that it was huge. Having felt the sensation from before, Gabimaru sees the invisible attacks from the Dōshi's and dodges them. Fuchi is surprised by how Gabimaru quickly understood the lesson but Gantetsusai figured that it was due to his training as a ninja, though Mei shakes her head in disagreement. As he continues to fight the Centipede Dōshi, Gabimaru begins to understand how Tao works and manages to get the upper hand on the Dōshi who states that he resembles Lord Tensen. Gabimaru then tells the Centipede Dōshi that he was ready to fight Lord Tensen.

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