Chapter 32 of the Jigokuraku manga.


Chōbē grabs the injured Dōshi and demands that it tells him the location of Lord Tensen. Tōma looks closely at Chōbē's markings on his neck and notices that they are spreading. He then becomes frighten after Chōbē looks his way asking if there was anything wrong. Tōma looks closer at Chōbē's neck and notices that his scars look plant like. Meanwhile, while fight off the Sōshin, Gantetsusai asks Mei if he was starting to understand Tao. Mei shakes her head in disagreement, saying that he was focusing too much of his strength. He then looks towards Gabimaru fighting the Sōshin and asked her if he was starting to understand Tao. Mei also states that he was also focusing too much of strength. Fuchi becomes delighted with his inspection of the Sōshin's anatomy and relays the information to Gabimaru. He then wonders about Mei's background. After remembering how she helped him escape Gabimaru states to himself that she is not an ordinary human. He then looks towards her way, causing her to cry. Gantetsusai splashes the Sōshin's blood on him and berates Gabimaru for this action, saying that women would not favor him for his attitude. Gabimaru says that he didn't care and tells him that he was married, shocking both Gantetsusai and Fuchi. Gantetsusai then blocks a surprise attack by a Dōshi but was unable to stop him from taking Mei off his shoulder. The Dōshi greets Mei in a polite manner and wishes for her to return to Hōrai. Gabimaru asks the Dōshi what his business with Mei was. He tells them that Mei is similar to Lord Tensen and begs for her to return to guide them. Fuchi asks Gabimaru what they should do after learning that she is not human. Gabimaru comes to her aid and tells the Dōshi that despite not having any association with her he cannot allow to see her cry. Furious with his interference, the Dōshi partners himself with another Dōshi and declares that they will turn them into Tan and retrieve Mei. After noticing the second Dōshi's appearance, Gantetsusai states that he is in a killing mood.

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