Chapter 31 of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku.


Tōma rushes to Aza Chōbē's aid before the Dōshi could capture him. However Chōbē awakens and strikes a blow on the Dōshi. After Chōbē tells Tōma to return to fighting the Sōshin, he is seen with a strange marking on his neck. The Dōshi notices that Chōbē's throat has regenerated due to be affected by the vines while he was in the pit. Chōbē states that he is able to sense the Dōshi's Tao and figures it might be the key to defeating Lord Tensen. The Dōshi considers Chōbē to be dangerous after having his Tao grown and realizes that he must be eliminated. After breaking his arms, Chōbē manages to instantly regenerate them and his Tao has grown once again. The Dōshi questions whether Chōbē was feared losing his humanity after his transformation but he states that he was fine with his change. He then remembers back to the time how he scarred his face and pointed out that someone like him wouldn't understand where he was coming. He charges forward and manages to see the Dōshi's invincible attacks. He then strikes his navel and causes damage, showing proof that the weakness lies within the stomach. The Dōshi tries to call forth the Sōshin but they have all been slain by Tōma. He attempts another attack but has his hand crushed by Chōbē who takes note of how he is manipulating his Tao and tries to do the same. After sensing how weak his Tao was, Chōbē smiles knowing that he can kill him and deals a finishing blow.

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