Chapter 30 of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku.


While engaging in intimacy, the female Lord Tensen wonders of the possibility of a victim of the pit were to escape. The male Tensen states that escaping would be impossible, however, unknown to them, Aza Chōbē and Tōma are currently climbing up the pit. After escaping, Tōma suggests leaving the island but Chōbē angrily declares that he will take revenge on the two that put them there. He then pointed out their weakness being the lower halves of their bodies. After trying to offer Tōma a piece of flesh to eat from the pit, the two brothers are encountered by a monster who identifies itself as a Dōshi, disciplines of Lord Tensen. The Dōshi explains that he was ordered to assure that they were still in the pit becoming Tan while his other comrades were out locating the other humans on the island. He then asked for the two to return to the pit however Chōbē responds by attacking. Chōbē demands that he tell him everything about Lord Tensen but the Dōshi refuses to allow him to escape and summons the Sōshin. Chōbē orders Tōma to fight off the Sōshin while he handles fighting the Dōshi. As the two continue to scuffle, Chōbē's attacks are causing no harm to the Dōshi and leaves an opening for the Dōshi rip out his throat. Tōma becomes horrified with Chōbē's defeat but the bandit suddenly wakes up conscious.

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