Chapter 28 of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku.


Fuchi asked why Gabimaru was shocked, to which he explains that Mei has aged for some reason. After hearing her speak for the first time, Gabimaru quickly rushes in and asked her a few questions and asked if she is anything like Lord Tensen. Meanwhile, Yuzuriha becomes curious and asked Hōko who is Lord Tensen. Hōko explains that Lord Tensen are seven immortal beings who were once a single entity. It then tells them that over 1,000 years ago humans used to live on the island but underwent Arborificiation and sat in a Zazen pose in Hōrai. Hearing this information, Senta believes that the island cannot be called Shinsenkyō since the island is jumbled with many man-made religions. He then goes on giving logic explanations and states that whoever is planning this charade could give them a lead on the Elixir of Life and a way off the island. With his explanation in mind, Yuzuriha believes that it would not be possible to stop the master mind and assumes Gabimaru and Mei are already dead. However, Sagiri believes that Gabimaru is very much alive and is already formulating a planning of action. The scene cuts back to Gabimaru trying to talk to Mei if she can tell him how to defeat Lord Tensen.

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