Chapter 26 of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku.


The rulers, Lord Tensen, are gathered for a meeting about the humans that landed on the island. Ju Fa becomes angry with Zhu Jin failing his guard duties and being reduced to a Kishikai state. He blows up his head but is then scolded by Rien for causing harm to Zhu Jin and asked to report on the humans he encountered in the forest. Ju Fa says that he sent them down the pit but is warned that he should not underestimate the humans since they managed to kill a Mōnshin. Rien then asked Zhu Jin if he had successful killed the human he encountered earlier, which he was certain. The seven then make a toast to longevity and Zhu Jin is restored to his normal form. Meanwhile, Senta apologies to Sagiri for accidently letting Gabimaru leave his sight. Sagiri accepts what had happened but says that they needed to go look for him. Yuzuriha disagrees and wondered why Sagiri was concern about Gabimaru. Hōko interrupts and offers to guide them through the mist, seeing as how Mei left. Hearing this, Yuzuriha is persuaded into finding Gabimaru. Once they left Sagiri, wonders as to why she was concern about Gabimaru's safety. Gabimaru becomes conscious and thinks of a plan to fight Zhu Jin in order to obtain the elixir. He is then met by Yamada Asaemon Fuchi and Tamiya Gantetsusai who smiles in delight of his injures.

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