Chapter 24 of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku.


Gabimaru and Lord Tensen continue fighting in Hōrai. With its regenerative abilities, Gabimaru finds his attacks to be ineffective and tries to find another solution. He throws a swift kick and notices that the impact felt different from before. The Lord Tensen coughs up blood and transforms into a woman. She goes into a fighting stance and sends out a barrage of invincible attacks that badly injures Gabimaru. Gabimaru is overwhelmed but pushes throw and the two exchange a barrage of attacks. He speeds up his attacks enough to gain the upper hand and stop her from regenerating. After being defeated, Gabimaru asked her where the elixir was. However, the Lord Tensen smiles and its body begins to bloom flowers, stating that "they" would be angry with it. Gabimaru looks in horror as it transforms into a large monster.

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