Chapter 23 of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku.


As Gabimaru rushes for Horai, he sees a number of immobile tree creatures chanting strange sutras amongst the fog. While walking along, an unknown person is seen following him. He presses on and finds a large gate. Remembering what Hōko said, Gabimaru believes this is where the Hermits and the elixir reside. As he prepares to enter, Gabimaru is met by the mysterious woman that killed Tensa, who is surprise with his sudden appearance. She becomes irritated with his presence and asked him to leave, explaining that she had already dealt with a group of humans. Gabimaru becomes suspicious and realizes from her statement that she turns people into the Elixir of Life. After seeing each other as a threat, the two engage in battle. Gabimaru lands blow after blow on the woman and comes to the conclusion that she was not human after she regenerated her wounds. He then uses Ninpō: Fire Monk and incinerates her, seeing as how the being was too dangerous to interrogate. However, it fights back with its charred body and sends Gabimaru crashing. It then transforms into its male form and sees Gabimaru still standing. Gabimaru asked if he was Lord Tensen while the man asked if Gabimaru was even human after surviving his attack.

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