Chapter 22 of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku.


Despite Mei's appearance in the bath, Gabimaru proceeds to remove his clothes, saying that its normal for him to take baths with other people. Sagiri takes note of Gabimaru's wounds on his back and a strange marking on Mei's back. She then prepares to give them proper bath adequate and washes Mei. While washing himself, Gabimaru remembers a time his wife washed his back and gives him advice about relaxing his body. After remembering how he told her that she should not cover her scar with her hair, he gives the same advice to Mei about her marking. This causes Mei to see a good side in Gabimaru and comes close to him. Later the three walk back to the house and Sagiri notices that Gabimaru is starting to change. Meanwhile, Gabimaru reminded himself that he could not waste anymore time. After arriving, Senta becomes exhausted after gathering information. Sagiri tells him that he should rest but insisted that he keep watch after a bath. However, he falls asleep afterwards in front of Gabimaru and gives him an opportunity to leave for Hōrai.

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