Chapter 21 of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku.


Recalling his past, a young Tensa asked Shion why he picked him off of the street. Shion says that he likes to help out others and saw potential in him. Back in the present, Tensa slowly feels himself dying from the immortals attack. Despite his injures, he refuses to allow it to hurt his comrades and fights back. However, Tensa receives another fatal blow to his stomach. Coming to the conclusion that they were no match for it, Tensa tries to tell Shion and Nurugai to run but can't properly muster out a word due to his throat being shot. Shion stops his assault and takes Nurugai away. In his final moments, Tensa imagines what his life could have been like in the future. Nurugai wanted to know why Shion left Tensa. With his throat starting to recover, he explains that he was honoring Tensa's last wishes. Meanwhile, Gabimaru prepares to take a bath but accidently walks in on the little girl Mei undressed.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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