Chapter 17 of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku.


Gabimaru turns and notices someone watching. The spy runs off but Gabimaru manages to catch the spy and discovers that its a little girl. He is then attacked by a tree monster. Thinking the girl might know something about the island, Gabimaru decides to run after her and leave the tree monster to the three. Since she was in charge of Gabimaru, Sagiri runs after him and leaves the rest to Yuzuriha and Senta. Yuzuriha knocks over Senta's glasses so he can't see her abilities and decides to take on the tree monster with her ninjutsu. Gabimaru catches up to the girl but is shocked by her strength after she throws him aside. Sagiri yells to her that they don't intend to harm her, however, the girl throws a punch towards Sagiri. Gabimaru blocks the punch but notices that she is using a mysterious power behind her attack, causing him to cough blood. Gabimaru starts to act serious and captures her using vines. Intimated by his serious demeanor, the girl starts crying, prompting Sagiri to tell Gabimaru to bring her down and calm her down. Seeing her in a helpless state, Gabimaru figures that she was just an ordinary girl. Yuzuriha arrives after finishing her business with the tree monster and asked how things were going on their end. Gabimaru wanted to ask her about the elixir but Sagiri says that it wouldn't be possible with her crying. Suddenly, the tree monster started talking, pleading them to let go of the child and that it would tell them about the elixir and guide them to the village.

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