Chapter 16 of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku.


The monsters are lured to the flames and Gabimaru suggests heading towards their direction despite his injures. Gabimaru asked if Sagiri should worry about her comrades. Sagiri says that she needed to worry about finding the elixir in order to free them of the mission, which Gabimaru favored. They soon catch up to Yuzuriha and Senta who are in shock. Gabimaru looks at what they are gazing at and is shocked to find an abandoned village. Senta comes to the conclusion that the village must be where the Hermits live. Meanwhile, Tōma explains to Chōbē about the Hermits residing on the island and the two later find two women on top of ruins. One of them wonders why humans are here, causing Chōbē to be frighten and makes them out to be monsters. The women then becomes angry and turns into a man, saying that they must die. Back towards Gabimaru, the ninja states that it did not matter what was living on the island but if the inhabitants were friend or foe. A girl wearing a hood is then seen watching them from behind a tree.

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