Chapter 14 of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku.


Yuzuriha watches as Gabimaru and Sagiri fight Rokurōta. Senta wishes to help Genji but Yuzuriha tells him that its too late. She tells him that its better that they stay and watch the outcome of the fight. Gabimaru tells Sagiri that it will be up to her to finish him off with a cut to the head. Sagiri informs him that in order to do so she will need him on his knees since his neck is too high. Rokurōta throws a punch towards Gabimaru but he deflects it with a kick. Sagiri gets behind Rokurōta and prepares to cut his right leg. However, she is conflicted with Eizen's death and Genji's injures and is unable to cut him down. Sagiri dodges Rokurōta's attack and meets back with Gabimaru. Sagiri reflects on her mistakes and prepares to try again. After Rokurōta attacks, Gabimaru notices that his leg is injured after kicking away his first punch. Sagiri tries to cut Rokurōta's arm but fails once again, taking note how his bones is interfering with her attacks. Rokurōta's stomach then loudly rumbles and cries in hunger. He then slams Gabimaru to the ground and causes him to spew out blood. Sagiri deflects his next attacks, telling herself to use both her emotions and reason and manages to get him on his knees. However, Rokurōta sees the attack coming and jumps away. Seeing as how normal moves weren't working, Gabimaru comes up with a plan but tells her that it was a bit extreme. Yuzuriha senses danger and warns Senta that they should run.

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