Chapter 13 of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku.


During his time as an infant, Rokurōta kills his parents and his entire village. In the present, Rokurōta strikes Genji and sends him flying. Sagiri runs towards Genji but is about to be attacked by the giant. Gabimaru arrives on time to land a kick on Rokurōta and sends him crashing but Gabimaru notes that it had no affect. Seeing him without Eizen, Sagiri realizes that he has been killed. Gabimaru decides to take on Rokurōta and tells Sagiri to leave so that she is not in danger. He then looks towards Yuzuriha and asked for her assistants. However, the kunoichi reminds him of the deal of providing intel while Gabimaru deals with fighting. Gabimaru strategizes on how to handle with Rokurōta but is struggling to find a technique best suited for him. Meanwhile, Sagiri tries to save Genji. Genji finds it strange that earlier Sagiri had the attitude of a man but now has the compassion of a woman. Sagiri tells him that it doesn't matter as long as she tries to help a comrade. With that said, Genji realizes that Sagiri's conviction was to accept both sides and gives her his sword to fight Rokurōta. Gabimaru is still struggling with coming up with a strategy to fight Rokurōta but notices that Sagiri appears and swiftly cuts one of Rokurōta's fingers. The two both asked for their assistant.

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