Chapter 12 of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku.


Despite the warning given by Senta, Genji tells Sagiri to take a boat back when dawn came and leaves. Senta believes that it would be the best choice for Sagiri to leave but also thinks that she should stay to watch Gabimaru. He explains that Gabimaru was not what he seemed back at Edo because he believes that he can't return without her or if she had another reason. After nightfall, Sagiri watches over Gabimaru but tells her that he won't sleep. Gabimaru asked if she was feeling better after the wound he gave her, which came unexpectedly to Sagiri. Gabimaru says that he is grateful for helping him find his resolve and that he will face anything that comes his way. He then compliments her on how he felt her strength back at the prison and gives her a quote from his village about finding ones self. Sagiri becomes encouraged by Gabimaru's words and faces Genji, telling him that she will not leave the island. Genji finds this ridiculous but Sagiri explains her grief growing up, telling him of how everyone, including her father, looked down on her for following the path of a warrior and that he is doing the same. She urges Genji to look at her as a samurai and to acknowledge that this is the path she choose. Genji is angered by he statement and attacks Sagiri, however, she manages to take his sword away. As Genji becomes angry at Sagiri for taking his sword, Rokurōta approaches him from behind while Sagiri panickily tries to warn him.

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