Chapter 11 of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku.


Nurugai and Tenza find the wreckage ships and are attacked by a large tentacle. They dodge the attack and Tenza tries to find a boat that is still in good condition. Nurugai thinks back to the time he accidently led soldiers to his village and slaughters them for not swearing loyalty towards the shogun. He then meets Tenza who offers him the mission to search for the Elixir of Life and wonders if he should die for the sin he committed or live on to continue on his village's bloodline. The two stumble upon Kisho's corpse blooming with flowers and are surrounded by more tentacles. Nurugai looks upon Kisho's dead body and sees a vision of his grandfather, which he becomes frighten by and falls to his knees. Tenza asked what was worrying him. Nurugai gives up on surviving after feeling guilty for what he did to his village. A tentacle attacks Nurugai but Tenza slices it. Tenza becomes confused as Nurugai explains his reason. Tenza refuses to believe him and asked if he really wanted to die. Thinking back to a peaceful time with his grandfather, Nurugai says that he doesn't want to die and wants to return home. Tenza gives Nurugai a sword and tells him to survive as they fight their way off the wreckage. After using Kisho's boat to return to the island, they wash off the blood on them. Tenza then notices Nurugai's nude body resembles a female's, which Nurugai says that he is indeed a girl, shocking the Asaemon. She then says that once they return home she will make him her groom, which he shrugs off. Tenza says that they have to scout around to find an escape route and find his allies that also wish to return home.

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