Chapter 103 of the Jigokuraku manga.


Gabimaru and Sagiri rushes towards the Metal tanden while sympathizing with each others situations on having to deal with Iwagakure and the Asaemon from the second landing party. Upon arriving, the two prepare themselves to get past the Gui Fa clones. However, Shija comes in to quickly dispose of the clones and becomes delighted to reunite with Gabimaru. Gabimaru then takes the time to talk to Shija due to knowing that the shinobi is unpredictable, however, after hearing the sound of the conch, Sagiri reminds him that they are running out of time and must either have Shija cooperate with them or take them on as an enemy. Gabimaru tells Sagiri that he can not afford to fight Shija with the current state he is in, prompting Sagiri to try to perform a Tao Restoration. Shija reacts in outrage as Sagiri was about to touch Gabimaru and prepares to come in to cut her throat, only to cease their assault after being ordered by Gabimaru and hears him out about needing their support. Shija happily agrees to help Gabimaru but tells him that they will do so by bringing out his previous fighting instincts in order to have him revert back as the strongest Gabimaru the Hollow. As Shija rushes in to attack, Gabimaru tells Sagiri to take down the regenerated Gui Fa clones behind them while he handles fighting against Shija despite his ordeal.

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