Chapter 100 of the Jigokuraku manga.


In the past, Zhu Jin remembers Rien's explanation on the Rite of Just Consumption and giggles at his drawings. Ju Fa notices their smirk and reprimands them, which Zhu Jin apologizes but disliked the way Ju Fa treated them. They then start to remember each of the Tensens good and bad qualities and also remembers their goal of making sure they do not fail in their task of extracting the elemental Tao in Hōrai to complete the Rite of Just Consumption. Isuzu and Kiyomaru make their way to the Shu'itsu Temple to destroy the Fire-attribute tanden. Isuzu starts to notice that she is becoming exhausted from staying too long in the area and sees that this is the reason why they had to ally with criminals. Kiyomaru tells Isuzu to not doubt Shugen's orders, after remembering the respect the Asaemon showed to him, and reminds her of how he stood up for her in the past. Isuzu thanks Kiyomaru for reminding her about her loyalty towards Shugen and remembers the time Shugen pointed out the beauty in the color of her skin. Isuzu then tells herself that she believes Shugen is in the right and enters the Shu'itsu Temple where she stands in front of the tanden.

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