Chapter 1 of the Jigokuraku manga.


After being betrayed by his comrades on a mission, the infamous Gabimaru the Hollow is sentence to death. However, Gabimaru manages to survive the executions that were given to him. During his sentence he is visited by an inspector who records his life story. Gabimaru explains that he was to marry the daughter of his village's chief, however, he could not tolerate her and requested to the chief to end his relationship with her. The chief would allow this if Gabimaru would complete one last mission, which lead to his capture.

Gabimaru would then receive another execution. Sagiri, the inspector who has been recording Gabimaru's past, reveals herself to be a executioner called an Asaemon. As Sagiri prepares to decapitate Gabimaru, he dodges and wonders why he refused to die. Sagiri tells him the reason why is because he wants to see his wife once more. Gabimaru admits to wanting to have a peaceful life with his wife but knew that this desire could never be possible. Sagiri disagrees with his statement and presented him a document saying that he would be pardon for his crimes by the Shogunate if he could complete a task. The task would be to travel to a dangerous island, along with a few criminals at death row, and bring back a magical remedy called the Elixir of Life. Gabimaru accepted and burned the soldiers that were around.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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