This Dōshi was a subordinate of Lord Tensen and was one of the few that were ordered to observe the humans that made landfall on Kotaku.


The Dōshi had the appearance of a butterfly and wore ceremonial Chinese clothing adorned with a beaded necklace, along with a crown bearing the Yin-Yang symbol.


The Dōshi was silent, cooperative with assisting another fellow Dōshi, and was willing to follow orders from Lord Tensen.


Lord Tensen ArcEdit

The Butterfly Dōshi appears behind the Centipede Dōshi after declaring that they will bring Mei back to Hōrai and turn Gabimaru and his group into Tan.

Gabimaru and Gantetsusai vs Doshi's

The Dōshi's fighting Gabimaru and Gantetsusai.

The two Dōshi's summon a swarm of their respective insects and attack Gabimaru and Gantetsusai. After ending their brief battle, the Butterfly Dōshi listens as the Centipede Dōshi explains their reason for wanting Mei. Gabimaru reacts in frustration after hearing the Centipede Dōshi's disrespectful remarks. The Dōshi's start to take them seriously and perform a transformation using their insects.

The Doshi's defeated

The Dōshi's defeated by Gabimaru and Gantetsusai.

The Butterfly Dōshi dodges an attack from Gantetsusai and attacks Gabimaru with a swarm of butterflies. After Gantetsusai warns Gabimaru that the butterflies were dangerous, Gabimaru expels out a torrent of fire to ignite them and to separate them. Later, Gabimaru charges and dodges the Dōshi's Tao attacks and dispels the Centipede Dōshi's transformation. Thinking that he let his guard down because of Gantetsusai, the Butterfly Dōshi sends out another Tao projectile towards Gabimaru and the Centipede Dōshi attacks with his centipede's. Gabimaru reacts quickly and kicks the centipede's towards the Butterfly Dōshi and Gantetsusai cuts down the Centipede Dōshi, defeating the duo.


As a disciple of Lord Tensen, the Dōshi was a powerful being and had the authority to control the Sōshin and Mōnshin, as well as the human-faced butterflies.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

The Dōshi's combat skills were good enough to fight against Gabimaru and Gantetsusai and cause them to have a lot of trouble.


Further information: Tao

The Dōshi was skilled in the use of Tao, being capable of releasing invisible projectiles to attack his opponents from a distance.


As his appearance suggests, this Dōshi had the power to call upon the human-faced butterflies and have them fight alongside him by controlling their Tao. He could also gather them together to form butterfly wings from behind to achieve flight.

  • Senjutsu: Gikishikai (仙術ギキシカイ Senjutsu: Gikishikai?): The Butterfly Dōshi has the human-faced butterflies form around his back to form butterfly wings and gain the ability to fly.
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