Aza Tōma ( () () (とう) () Aza Tōma?) is the younger brother of Aza Chōbē. After infiltrating the Yamada Clan and rising to their ranks, Tōma found his brother and presented him with the mission to retrieve the Elixir of Life. He was then tasked with being his brothers executioner.


Tōma is a young man with an androgynous appearance. He has long black hair and black eyes. He wears a dark haori and the standard attire of a Asaemon, which is a white robe with a bell tied on the left collar along with a hakama held together with a waist cord, and sandals.


Toma and Chobe design
Tōma's manga design.
Toma color scheme
Tōma's color scheme in the manga.
Child Toma
Tōma as a child.
Toma bandit outfit
Toma's during his time as a bandit.


Tōma believes that the key to survival is adapting and views his brother as a prime example. He is very loyal to Chōbē and stresses out whenever harm comes to him. Unlike his brother, Tōma can be easily terrified. When they first encounter the Sōshin on the island, Tōma trembled in fear and panicked when they started speaking. Because he admires his strength, Tōma relies on his brother for protection, however, he is aware that this will not always be the case and will have to use his own strength.

Because his father died rebelling with a group of samurai, Tōma hates forming alliances. During his time serving his brother with a group of bandits, Tōma thought of them as mere pawns and found that all he needed was Chōbē. His admiration for his brother has led him to believe that he is an extension of him and not a comrade.


Tōma and Chōbē were born as sons to a retainer under the service of the daimyō of Akō Domain, Asano Takunori. However, after Asano Takunori attacked the court official Kira Yoshinaka at Edo Castle, he was sentenced to commit seppuku. As a result, their father and the rest of the retainers had their status removed and were left as rōnin, leaving their family in poverty. Their mother eventually died of an illness and their father was executed for being a part of the Akō Incident, leaving the two siblings left alone to defend for themselves. They were eventually taken by bandits who planned on selling them but later came to live amongst them after Chōbē managed to become their leader.

During their years as bandits, Tōma and Chōbē were cornered and were about to be arrested. Chōbē tells Tōma to escape and trusts that he would come and rescue him from prison. After infiltrating the Yamada Clan and rising to their ranks in a month, Tōma was given a chance to take on an execution. He then comes to free Chōbē in prison by presenting him the mission given by the shogun to find the Elixir of Life.


Island ArcEdit

After Chōbē became one of the few that survived the massacred order by the shogun, Tōma was assigned to be his Asaemon and they departed to the island.[1]

Before arriving on the island, Tōma watched as Chōbē was being strangled by Hōrubō but managed to break out and kill him. His Asaemon, Yamada Asaemon Jikka, then thanked him in gratitude and returned to the main land. Once they arrived on the island, the two were approached by monsters and fight them off. Later, the monsters started to speak and Tōma became fearful of them. Hearing them speak of sin, Chōbē unleashes his rage on them and slaughters them while Tōma watched in admiration. Chōbē declares that he will kill all of the criminals on the island and they will claim the elixir for themselves. Tōma smiles and makes a statement to Chōbē, saying that only the strong will survive the dangers of the island while the weak will not.

Ju Fa defeats Chobe and Toma

Tōma and Chōbē defeated by Ju Fa.

During the next day, the two brothers continue to slaughter the monsters in their path. Tōma sees Chōbē drinking the monsters body fluids to keep himself hydrated, commenting on how he is adapting too well. After Chōbē asked about the Hermits mentioned earlier, Tōma describes them as immortal, superhuman old men who possessed magic, however, Chōbē wasn't convinced but declares that he will kill them if he were to come across them. The brothers then discover two females sitting on top of ruins having sexual intimacy. Chōbē becomes frighten by one of them and sees them as monsters. The first woman asked if they wanted to join, much to their confusion, while the second turns herself into a man and says that he will kill them, causing Tōma and Chōbē to go on guard. They are then defeated by the man.

Lord Tensen ArcEdit

Tentacle Doshi meets Chobe and Toma

A Dōshi encounters Tōma and Chōbē.

After their defeat, Tōma and Chōbē were dropped down a pit of blooming human corpses. Tōma gazes in horror and finds his brother entangle in vines. He rushes to his aid but is also entangle by the vines. Chōbē later escapes along with Tōma on his back by climbing his way up. Tōma suggests leaving the island and tending to their wounds but Chōbē vows revenge on the two. He recommends devising a strategy but Chōbē says that he had already figured out their weakness. Chōbē then offers him a severed limb from the pit for nourishment but turns it down. While talking they are approached by a monster called a Dōshi who politely ask them to return to the pit. Chōbē refuses and engages in battle. The Dōshi becomes furious with his behavior and summons the Sōshin to attack. Tōma is ordered by Chōbē to fight the Sōshin while he handles fighting the Dōshi. After the Dōshi ends their battle by ripping out Chōbē's throat, Tōma screams in horror and rushes to his aid but sees that Chōbē wakes up with his neck fully healed. Chōbē then asked Tōma why he wasn't fighting the Sōshin which caused Tōma to apology and continues where he left off. While fighting, he worries over Chōbē's condition. After the Dōshi receives damage from Chōbē, he tries to call forth the Sōshin but Tōma smiles stating that he had already killed them, allowing Chōbē to end their fight. Tōma notices that the markings on Chōbē were beginning to spread. He then gives him a frightening gaze and asked Tōma if there was anything wrong. Tōma tells him that there was nothing wrong and apologies. This scene starts to make Tōma become even more worried.

Tamiya vs Toma

Tamiya fights Tōma.

The next day, Chōbē and Tōma has the injured Dōshi guide them to Hōrai where they stumble upon Gabimaru, Tamiya, Fuchi, and Mei. Chōbē attacks Gabimaru while Tōma is ordered to fight the other three. Tōma attacks Tamiya first since he sees that he is missing his left hand. However, Tamiya catches and his blade and easily strikes him down. Tamiya becomes furious with Tōma that he attacked him first because of his handicap and demands that he picks up his sword so they can begin fighting. Tōma is unable to land an attack on Tamiya and takes on direct blows. He then criticizes on his lack of battle experience because of how he resorts to relying on his brother and how it would have been a wise choice to team up with his party. Tōma expresses his hatred for alliances and tells him how he is only an extension of his brother. After adjusting the grip on his blade, he orders the Dōshi to attack Fuchi and Mei. Tōma then watches in fear as Chōbē transforms into a demonic form to fight Gabimaru. Remembering what Tamiya told him about Chōbē fighting to protect him, Tōma rushes to try to save him from losing his sense of self and ends up getting attacked. The brothers are then caught in a massive crater created by Mei trying to stop Gabimaru from ending his life with his next attack. Chōbē pushes Tōma out of the way and tells him to wait for him. He is then hit by rocks thrown by Gabimaru, causing him to fall down the valley.

Tōma falls into despair and is forced to accompany the group traveling to the Hōrai gate where they meet Sagiri, Shion, Yuzuriha, Nurugai and Hōko. The group then relocates to a cave to hide from Lord Tensen. Tōma follows Shion, Tamiya and Nurugai who are called out by Gabimaru to help him train. Gabimaru insists that Tōma uses his hatred towards him to take revenge for his brother. After being given Tamiya's sword, Tōma rushes in to strike. Gabimaru senses the movements of Tōma's Tao and dodges his attacks.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Despite not being an unofficial Asaemon, Tōma was trusted to take on the shogun's life risking mission, testifying to his abilities.


Tōma is very talented with the sword, being credited as the fastest member in the Yamada Dojo to earn his license after only a month. With the skills he gained from the Yamada Clan, he is capable of decapitating a person with a single cut. Tōma could easily massacre the Sōshin with his sword without any aid.




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