An officer having undergone Arborification.

Arborification (樹化 Kika?) is a metamorphosis that causes living beings to sprout Waitanhua flowers from their bodies and enter into a blissful trance. This mutation usually happens to those who have been infected with Plant Tao or have drank the Tan elixir. Lord Tensen created the Waitanhua flowers to infect humans with Arborification in order to extract their Tao and create Tan. The Paradise Butterflies of Kotaku are commonly known to carry mature samples of Tan within them to sting their targets and infect them with Arborification. Mu Dan also had his own brand of Arborification in his Kishikai where he had his victims sprout peonies, instead of the initial Waitanhua flowers, with his plant stingers.

The Hōko were born with Arborification but experienced a different process where they completely turn into wooden constructs. This condition is what caused their entire race to go extinct. Hōrai also houses horses who have gone through this line of Arborification as well and are used for warfare.

The Arborification can be overcome if a human is on the verge of death where Tao is not being consumed through breathing, thinking, living, and have a strong will to survive. Once done, the human will achieve a balance between their Tao and Plant Tao and acquire regeneration powers. However, even if the human manages to balance out the fusion, the effects of the Arborification will accelerate if they regenerate too much, forcing them in trying to resist the vines in their body from taking over.

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