"Cannibal Courtesan" Akaginu (人喰い (おい) (らん) あか (ぎぬ) "Hito Kui Oiran" Akaginu?) was a well known vicious criminal and was one of the few death row criminals sent to Kotaku to acquire the Elixir of Life for the shogun. Her assigned Asaemon was Yamada Asaemon Shion.


Akaginu was a woman with long flowing strands of hair with pins attached. She had a curvaceous figure, wore a slightly loose kimono decorated with skulls, snakes, and tree peonies that opened at the top to reveal her shoulders and her cleavage, and tall geta sandals.


Akaginu design
Akaginu's manga design.


Akaginu was very seductive and attempted to use her charms as a means to escape from her Asaemon.


Island Arc

Before being sentenced to death, Akaginu was given a chance to be pardon of her crimes if she were to acquire the Elixir of Life for the shogun from an island. After being gathered together with a group of criminals, they were told to start a massacre until only a few were available to leave for the island. Akaginu survived and left with her Asaemon, Yamada Asaemon Shion.

In her attempt to escape, Akaginu tried to seduce Shion but failed as he cut her down.

Abilities and Powers

Akaginu abilities had not been fully shown before she was executed but she was dangerous enough to be marked for death. She was capable of surviving a killing spree that had criminals who were also marked for death.


  • The name "Akaginu" (あか絹?) literally translates to "red silk".
  • Akaginu ranked 15th place in the manga's 1st Character Popularity Poll.
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