The Additional Landing Party (追加上陸組 Tsuika Jōriku-gumi?) refers to the second group formed by the shogun with the initial plan of assisting the first team sent to Kotaku to retrieve the Elixir of Life. However, the group's mission was changed, under Shugen's orders, to eliminating the criminals of the first team, as well as every being on the island, and protect the Yamada Asaemon assigned to the first team.

Members[edit | edit source]

Additional Landing Party
Yamada Asaemon Shugen Portrait.png

Yamada Asaemon

Yamada Asaemon
Yamada Asaemon Isuzu Portrait.png Yamada Asaemon Jikka Portrait.png Yamada Asaemon Kiyomaru Portrait.png
Yamada Asaemon

Yamada Asaemon

Yamada Asaemon
Iwa Shinobi
Arakagi Portrait.png Ginkakubo Portrait.png Hagetaka Portrait.png Hyakume Portrait.png Kinkakubo Portrait.png
Arakagi Ginkakubō Hagetaka Hyakume Kinkakubō
Kumokiri Portrait.png Nobusuma Portrait.png Shija Portrait.png Susubikimaru Portrait.png Unknown Genin 3 Portrait.png
Kumokiri Nobusuma Shija Susubikimaru  ?????
Unknown Genin 2 Portrait.png Unknown Genin 1 Portrait.png Unknown Genin 4 Portrait.png Unknown Genin 5 Portrait.png Unknown Genin 7 Portrait.png
 ?????  ?????  ?????  ?????  ?????

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  •  : the character is deceased.
  •  *: the character's status is unknown.
  •  : the character is no longer part of this group.

Strength[edit | edit source]

Formation[edit | edit source]

The Treasure Barge is made up of four Asaemons, three elite shinobi from Iwagakure (previously four before their arrival to Kotaku), and at least fifty Iwa genin. While the Asaemons are the ones given the authority to order the shinobi, the three mainly follow Shugen's lead, making him the official leader.

Teams[edit | edit source]

Bakurō Squad[edit | edit source]

The Bakurō Squad (縛郎組 Bakurō-gumi?) is a Iwagakure shinobi squad commanded by one of the elite shinobi.

Ishifudō Squad[edit | edit source]

The Ishifudō Squad (石不動組 Ishifudō-gumi?) is a Iwagakure shinobi squad commanded by one of the elite shinobi.

Mission[edit | edit source]

After becoming impatient with the first team, the shogun decides to form another team with four members of the Yamada clan with assists from Iwagakure. Upon their departure, Yamada Asaemon Kiyomaru tested one of the elite shinobi's loyalty to the Asaemons by ordering him to commit suicide. The shinobi follows through with his orders and reduces the elites down to three.

The teams arrives to Kotaku and encounters the dead body of Yamada Asaemon Eizen, much to Yamada Asaemon Shugen's horror. They are then attack by a Dōshi commanding a group of Mōnshin to attack and capture them. The team manages to kill every single one of the Mōnshin while Shugen defeats the Dōshi and leaves the task of interrogating him to the Iwa shinobi. As they make their way forward, the shinobi discover more evidence that more Yamada Asaemon's have fallen, resulting in Shugen taking drastic measures to make sure they arrive to Hōrai by using the Horse Flute, that was previously used by the Dōshi, to command the Mōnshin to carry the Asaemons while the shinobi follow them on foot.

After arriving at the palace and breached the walls using the Mōnshin, Shugen orders the shinobi to eliminate all criminals and monsters except for the Asaemons. The shinobi confront the criminals and Asaemons but are then approached by an army of Dōshi sent by Rien and engage in battle with both sides. While the four Asaemons make their way forward, the Iwa shinobi captain arrives at the floodgates where Rien is located and orders the shinobi to destroy the ships except for one.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

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