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|manga debut = [[Chapter 2]]
|manga debut = [[Chapter 2]]
'''Adachi Matagoro''' was a criminal.
'''Adachi Matagoro''' was a well known vicious criminal.

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Adachi Matagoro was a well known vicious criminal.


Adachi held a sinister facial expression and wore a robe with a cross shape pattern.


Adachi was a cruel man who took enjoyment of killing women and children, even thinking of taking his chance of being pardon as an opportunity to continue killing. He also seemed to dislike the idea of being treated as a sacrifice.


Adachi, along with other criminals, are gathered together for a chance to be pardon of their crimes if they complete a task from the shogun. However, before any of them could go any further, they would have to reduce the numbers so that only a few remain for the mission. In the end, Adachi did not survive the massacre.

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